Beaded Row Hair Extensions


What are Beaded Row Extensions?

Beaded Row Hair Extensions are a type of hair extensions that are custom colored, custom cut, & placed for each individual client to create a natural & beautiful look.

I am certified in the Invisible Bead Extensions Method created by McKenzie Turley & Natural Beaded Rows Extensions created by Danielle K. White.  


  • No Glue

  • Minimal Points of Contact

  • Won’t Slip Out

  • Full Volume

  • No Tape

  • Quick Removal

  • Natural Looking

  • Light Weight

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How often do they have to be maintained? 

  • It's recommended to be maintained every 6-10 weeks.

How often do I need to get new hair? 

  • Every 4-6 months is recommended, but dependent on at home care.

Can you style your hair normally? 

  • Yes! Ponytails, braids, along with so many other versatile styles.

Can I workout with my Extensions?

  • Yes! Gym hair is best in a braid or pony.

Can I swim with Extensions?

  • Yes! You can swim with your extensions. Recommended doing so with a tight braid.